Windows Defender Scheduled Scans Drains Laptop Battery

I recently received a question whether it is possible to set Windows Defender to stop a scheduled scan on a laptop that was on AC power when the scheduled scan started, but later switchs to run on battery (we dont want to drain the battery).
I have Googled like crazy for days, but my googlefu has not been sufficient. I have looked through group policy’s again and again, but no, I can not find the solution.
I have also not seen any such setting in ConfigMgr 1602 that we use at work.

But just now, it hit me. Why not look in the Task Scheduler?
Said and done, and 10 seconds later, the question was resolved.

 Open the Task Scheduler.
 Expand Task Scheduler Library (by clicking on the arrow in front of Task Scheduler Library).
 Expand Microsoft.
 Expand Windows.
 Go down to, and click on Windows Defender.
 Right click on Windows Defender Scheduled Scan, and select Properties.
 Go to the Conditions tab.
 Check the box infront of Stop if the computer switches to battery power.
 Click Ok, and thats it.