A Safer Message App

Thought to get my friends on a little more secure thoughts. If you agree to this, it will cost you about US $ 3.57 if you use Android, or US $ 2.99 if you use iPhone to be safer. At…..

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Diskpart to the rescue

In my work, I recently heard that more often new devices (desktop’s/laptop’s) fails in the beginning of the OSD (OS deploy) because of something is wrong with the partitions on the hard drive. The Boot-image can’t download policys or files…..

What a wonderful beginning of the year?

Meltdown/Specter, 2 serious vulnerabilities. Meltdown vulnerability is “only” on Intel’s CPUs, while Spectre is found in addition to Intel’s CPUs also with AMD and ARM CPUs. Info: A Simple Explanation of the Differences Between Meltdown and Spectre Many operating system…..

Infomaniak offering students free Web and Mail hosting

Swiss web host Infomaniak is offering students a chance to receive free professional Web and Mail hosting during their higher education. This full offer, which is unique in Europe, has a dual goal of promoting both the acquisition of digital…..

Clear Clipboard when locking Windows

First, let me just say that I’m no security expert, but safety is something that I find interesting. Today I saw the posts by Hasain Alshakarti on Facebook, Hasain had posted a link to Accessing the clipboard from the lockscreen into…..

Cant turn on RSAT (0x80073701) in Windows 10

For about 10 days ago, I tryed to install RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) on my work computer. I downloaded the latest version, WindowsTH-RSAT_WS2016-x64.msu and run the installation. But when I went to turn RSAT on, I got the error message: The…..

YouTube to Sonos?

First day of the holiday and I nailed it. At last we can look at music videos on YouTube, and play the sound in our Sonos speakers. The only thing I had to do was to complete our Sonos system…..

Windows Defender Scheduled Scans Drains Laptop Battery

I recently received a question whether it is possible to set Windows Defender to stop a scheduled scan on a laptop that was on AC power when the scheduled scan started, but later switchs to run on battery (we dont…..

Paus i jobbhelgen

Helgjobb står på tapeten denna helg. Började gårdagen med att ominstallera 15 RDS:er. På dagens agenda står det patchning av servrar för min del, men just nu väntar jag på att kollegorna ska bli klara med brandväggsjobb så att nätverket…..

Krasslig idag, beställde en bok

Förkyld, utslagen allmänt gnäll. Men en bok köptes in, Deployment Fundamentals, Vol. 6: Deploying Windows 10 Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Hoppas på snabb leverans. På något sjukt sätt så tycker jag sådant här är kul, samt att jag råkar kunna…..

Ta bort, eller blockera Appar i Windows 10?

Under tiden jag har labbat med Windows 10 för att kunna skapa en sådan perfekt installations-avbild som möjligt så upptäckte jag att ta bort appar, så som Windows Store, OneDrive, etc inte genererar det bästa resultatet. För hux flux så kan företagets…..