Clear Clipboard when locking Windows

First, let me just say that I’m no security expert, but safety is something that I find interesting.

Today I saw the posts by Hasain Alshakarti on Facebook, Hasain had posted a link to Accessing the clipboard from the lockscreen into Windows 10 # 2.
Interestingly, Microsoft should have already blocked that security risk.

But you can prevent this yourself, so that Clipboard  is emptied when you lock Windows. No thirdparty software is needed.

Start Task Scheduler
Click on Create Task... under Actions, Task Scheduler Library in the right task pane (or right-click on Task Scheduler Library folder)
On General tab ->
Name: Clear Clipboard 
On Triggers tab ->
Click on New.. button
Under Beging the task, choose: On workstation lock, and click Ok button
Under Actions tab ->
Click on New.. button
Under Program/script, write: cmd.exe
Under Add arguments (optional): write: /c "echo off | clip" and click Ok butoon
Click on Ok button again, and you are done.