Updated: Microsoft 365 Apps

This is a refresh of my old post Microsoft 365 Apps (Office 365) hantering i MECM (SCCM), or maybe I should write “a refresh of the script”.

In this post, I ensure that the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) is the latest version to support new version/function of Microsoft 365 Apps setup.
I use a modified Powershell script created by Marco Hofmann & Trond Eric Haavarstein to suit my idea.
Original script: https://www.meinekleinefarm.net/download-and-install-latest-office-365-deployment-tool-odt

What this version of the script does:

Download the latest version of the Office Deployment Tool (ODT).
Checks if it’s a newer version of the Office 365 Deployment Tool (ODT), and if it’s a newer version, extracts it to a subfolder with the version number as the folder name. If it is not a newer version, skips this step
Then copies the new setup.exe to both the folder for the source files and the application package in ConfigMgr
And for last it runs the setup.exe (with download xml-file) to download allt the Microsoft 365 Apps

    Download latest Office Deployment Tool (ODT) and Office setup files
    Download latest Office Deployment Tool (ODT), extract setup.exe and download Office setup-files.
    PS:> \\DFSSHARE.ORGANISATION.ORG\...\download.ps1
    Downloads latest officedeploymenttool.exe
    Creates a sub-directory for each new version
    Copies the setup.exe from the sub-directory to source-directory (incl. cmsetup-directory) and download Office setup-files
    Author: Magnus Bäcke
    URL: https://backes.nu
    Original Author: Marco Hofmann and Trond Eric Haavarstein Original Author URL: https://www.meinekleinefarm.net and https://xenappblog.com/ 
    This is the original script: https://www.meinekleinefarm.net/download-and-install-latest-office-365-deployment-tool-odt
$StartDTM = (Get-Date)
$LogDTM = (Get-Date -format "yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss")
$ODTDownload = "\\DFSSHARE.ORGANISATION.ORG\Office365SetupFiles$\ODTDownload\"              # <-- You need to change the path
$LogPS = "\\DFSSHARE.ORGANISATION.ORG\Office365SetupFiles$\Logs\$LogDTM.log"                # <-- You need to change the path
$SourcePath = "\\DFSSHARE.ORGANISATION.ORG\Office365SetupFiles$\"                           # <-- You need to change the path
$SetupPath = "\\DFSSHARE.ORGANISATION.ORG\CMSourceFiles$\Applications\Microsoft 365\Files\" # <-- You need to change the path
$Downloadxml = 'download.xml'                                                               # <-- You need to change this to the name of your Office download XML-file here, or name your XML-file download.xml
<# No need for any changes below here#>
$DownloadURL = (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=49117").Links | Where-Object href -like '*exe' | select -First 1 | select -expand href
$SaveDir = "$ODTDownload\officedeploymenttool.exe"
$ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'

Set-Location $ODTDownload

Write-Verbose "Setting Arguments" -Verbose
Start-Transcript $LogPS

Write-Verbose "Download latest version of Office Deployment Tool (ODT)." -Verbose

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $DownloadURL -OutFile $SaveDir

Write-Verbose "Read version number from downloaded file" -Verbose
$Version = (Get-Command .\officedeploymenttool.exe).FileVersionInfo.FileVersion

Write-Verbose "If downloaded ODT file is newer, create new sub-directory." -Verbose
if( -Not (Test-Path -Path $Version ) ) {
    New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $Version
    Write-Verbose "Extract setup.exe from ODT" -Verbose
    .\officedeploymenttool.exe /quiet /extract:.\$Version
    start-sleep -s 5
    Write-Verbose "New folder created $Version" -Verbose
    Set-Location $Version
    Copy-item ".\setup.exe" -Destination $SourcePath -Force
    Write-Verbose "setup-exe copied from $Version to $SourcePath " -Verbose
    Copy-item ".\setup.exe" -Destination $SetupPath -Force
    Write-Verbose "setup-exe copied from $Version to $SetupPath (CM O365 setup Source files)" -Verbose
else {
    Write-Verbose "Version identical. Skipping folder creation." -Verbose

Set-Location $SourcePath
Write-Verbose "Downloading Office setup-files according to the XML-file." -Verbose
Start-Process ".\setup.exe" -ArgumentList "/download $Downloadxml" -Wait -PassThru 

start-sleep -s 15

Write-Verbose "Stop logging" -Verbose
$EndDTM = (Get-Date)
Write-Verbose "Elapsed Time: $(($EndDTM-$StartDTM).TotalSeconds) Seconds" -Verbose
Write-Verbose "Elapsed Time: $(($EndDTM-$StartDTM).TotalMinutes) Minutes" -Verbose

Idéa: Use Task Scheduler to run this late on the second tuesday (or early on the second wednesday) in the month to always have the latest Apps downloaded.