A Safer Message App

Thought to get my friends on a little more secure thoughts.
If you agree to this, it will cost you about US $ 3.57 if you use Android, or US $ 2.99 if you use iPhone to be safer.

At first, I just thought of mentioning something that I experienced as scary.
Me and Terese sat and talked as we sometimes do. After a while, Terese picks up her mobile and goes into the Facebook App, and hux flux then it shows up advertising about something we had recently talked about. None of us have used any device (neither mobile, computer or anything else) to search or anything else to check on / up what we had talked about.

The only conceivable thing is that the Facebook App listens (it has rights to record sound via the microphone) on us and uses what we are talking about in order to target advertising (and build on our shadow profiles).

And even WhatsApp Messenger is good at leaking, so it will soon appear advertisements in different flows about what we have written to each other in messages. 
I totally understand why Jan Koum and Brian Acton (both co-founders of WhatsApp) chose to jump off from WhatsApp / Facebook 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Koum | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Acton

I can buy this with cookies that stalk us online when we browsing the Internet (there are other tools that can protect us there). But having Apps that actually listen / spy on us when we don’t even use them is not really what I “signed” up on.

Sure, we need Facebook to follow friends and what’s going on in the world nowadays. I mostly use Facebook to follow my interests (in the same way I use Twitter, LinkedIn, WeMe, Google+, etc.). 
But I do NOT use the Facebook App, nor the Facebook Messenger App. 
I run with the browser version of both, and chose not to install their apps and give Facebook rights that I do not think they should have.

I still have WhatsApp installed and use the App since most people I communicate with using WhatsApp. But I’d rather stop using that App as well.

So a while ago I made the choice to go over to Threema. 
Threema is a secure communication app, where all communication (message / conversation) is encrypted, and not even the company behind Threema (Threema GmbH) can intercept or spy on their users . As cream on the cake, Threema GmbH in Switzerland currently has the best data protection laws (delivering better privacy than GDPR, and is not under the EU or US laws). 
https://threema.ch/en | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threema

However, there are 2 “disadvantages” with Threema.

  1. Not many users use it, certainly because of point 2.
  2. The app / service costs about US $ 3.57 / $ 2.99, and WhatsApp costs you no money (but WhatsApp will cost you, and your friends souls).

But you do not need a mobile subscription to use Threema. No mobile number is needed to register or use Threema.

And you, your mobile / internet provider cannot sniff your communication when you pass it over Threema. Your mobile / internet provider can use your information in SMS and mobile calls to build a profile about you (thanks to GDPR you can say no thanks to it, if you live in Europe). 
And don’t make me start to waffle about the vulnerabilities in SS7 (which allows anybody to listen to conversations, read text messages and track a mobile as easily as possible). 
https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signalsystem_number_7 | https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/apr/19/ss7-hack-explained-mobile-phone-vulnerability-snooping-texts-calls

The final sprint:

  1. Stop using Apps where there are web versions
  2. Switch to a Safer Message App (Threema ?)
  3. Start and think about what you are worth, and protect your value and privacy.

Threema for Android 

Threema for iOS 

Threema in the browser 

A comparison between Facebook Messenger, Threema and WhatsApp